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Create A Worldwide Movement Of LOVE


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Suivera: A Nonprofit Multi-Faith Spiritual Institute for Everyone

We're glad you're here. Feel free to explore the many ways that Suivera empowers individuals, families, and communities through our Global Movement of LOVE!

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Take a deeper dive into the global impact of this movement of love.

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Suivera Founder Speaks From The Heart

Since launching the Suivera movement in May 2020, our online community has grown to over 1,000,000 strong.

We have been overwhelmed by the incredible support and blessed by the beautiful hearts that have joined as we seek to create a meaningful impact on the of love and unity.

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Our Approach

Utilizing love as the common language, Suivera community members are committed to a healthy sense of self-love and self-care, which provides them with the strength to be the light for others. 

As love begins to build within each individual, it serves as a powerful foundation to build healthy, loving relationships with family and friends.

Through the power of love, the impact continues → as each person and family grows healthier and more founded in love, this energy ripples out into our communities, our planet and our universe.

It all begins with YOU and ME and US. Join the Suivera Movement and commit to focusing on LOVE.





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Our Founders


Hi, we're Amber & Austin, and we're dedicated to bringing people together through LOVE.

We invite you to join the Suivera movement  - we are stronger together!

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"You CAN and DO change the world, with every loving act."
- Amber Mikesell

Meet The Suivera Team

Ready To Start Learning?  

Our educational series and courses are designed to empower you in your personal journey. 

Our library is constantly growing, so please check back often. View our most popular series below and start your journey!

Effective Communication

This Effective Communication Series can help you create deeper and stronger relationships that are more lasting, connected and fulfilling. Transform your communication skills in less than 2 months with simple, practical and repeatable tools. 

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Self-Love Starts Within

Self-Love Starts Within! This deep 8-Part Journey into Self-Love helps you to open your heart and your mind as you learn proven practices to stop comparing yourself to others and start celebrating the aspects that make you distinctly YOU! ❤️

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Chakra Clearing

This Breathwork Series includes Information and Meditation focused specifically on Chakra Clearing - guiding you through igniting the amazing energy centers in your body, connecting them and moving that energy throughout the body.

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Better Health In 1-Minute Mini Course

This mini course is all about taking care of YOU, using 1-minute videos that offer quick tips on better health for the whole person. The 10 educational videos included are filled with practical tools and techniques you can implement immediately. 

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The 90 Day Declutter Mini Course

14 Days of content including video lessons and daily practices supported by a guided worksheet for physical, mental and emotional decluttering. Explore this revolutionary approach to help you quickly, consciously and concisely let go of things & emotions you're holding onto for a more balanced lifestyle. 

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Healthy Self-Care Tips Mini Course

This mini course includes 27 videos designed to assist you in your overall health and wellness. From natural skin care remedies to emotional and spiritual growth practices, learn healing tools and transformative techniques for self-care. 

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Introducing the Suivera Online Membership!

What if an educational resource was designed with you, as a whole person, at its core? What if all of the education was centered around empowering you to heal your body, expand your mind, explore your emotions and nurture your soul?

This is exactly what Suivera Online is all about. When you sign up for a Suivera Online Membership, you can count on three things:

Diverse Content

Enjoy a growing library filled with a wide variety of empowering content

Video Lessons

Hours of Video Lessons to assist in achieving lasting results

Daily Practices

Months worth of Daily Practices filled with details, tips and examples

Suivera Online Membership


One-Time Payment = Lifetime Access To Educational Series, Courses And Content Focused On:

  • Self-Love
  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Health & Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Communication
  • And Much More!

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Membership Means Unlimited Lifetime Access

See more than one of our series or courses you’d like to purchase?

Enjoy any series or course, any time. You’ll get access to them all FOR LIFE!

Pre-enroll now with this amazing introductory price and we'll make sure to email you once it's live and ready.  

BONUS: As we continue to grow and offer more series, courses and content, we will add them to your library at no extra cost.

*One-time payment gives you Lifetime Access

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Saying YES to joining the Suivera Movement will not only make a difference in your own life, but will also make a difference for others. Help us build this worldwide movement of love so people everywhere can flourish!

We know we can’t do this alone. Suivera is a Movement and it needs your support.

We invite you to get involved – Support Suivera Today and watch as we build this movement together!



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