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Self Love Tip: Get To Know Yourself to Love Yourself

Get To Know Yourself to Love Yourself

personal growth self discovery self help self love Oct 06, 2022

Let's face it, self-love isn’t easy. And with our natural brain bias so trained to cycle in negative thoughts that positive thinking occurs about 5% of the time, thinking lovingly about ourselves really becomes a skill in itself.

But each of us has our own internal knowing - a deep connection to why we’re here and what we bring to this world. Yes, the outside noise can interrupt and block this knowing temporarily, but it doesn’t remove it. This is why you may get feelings in the pit of your stomach when your actions lead you to ‘fit in’ when fitting in doesn’t represent your authentic self. 

So how do you take steps to break the cycle?

One quick tip is to take 5 to 10 minutes each day and simply write down what makes you happy. It sounds so simple, but many of us have spent so much of our lives in service of what everyone else enjoys and making others happy that we haven’t given much consideration to what we enjoy. So take time each day to feel through what really brings your heart joy. From the very essence of your soul, what lights you up and why? This isn’t from a space of conceit or selfishness, but from a place of self-consideration and self-care. The only way to bring love and joy to others is to have love and joy within.

Another quick tip is to start at the point of liking yourself first. As with any relationship, rarely do we start with love. We get to know one another, find things that we like and appreciate about each other, and over time that connection grows into a deep and meaningful love. This process can be very much the same for the relationship you hold with yourself. Find at least one (hopefully many more) things that you really like and appreciate about yourself. Begin to focus your attention on these areas and anytime a negative thought begins to cycle in you mind, redirect it to what you really like about yourself. Over time you’ll find the internal connection build.

Relationships take time to build and fractured relationships take time to mend. If we’ve fractured our relationship with ourselves, it will take time, tools and dedication to reconnect. But there is no better relationship to repair - every relationship you’ll ever have starts with you. 

If you'd like more tools to dive into self-love, our focus in the Suivera community for the entire month of October 2022 is on this very topic. Visit any of the links below to find an avenue that resonates with you and begin your exploration today. ♥️ 

I send you all much love always.




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