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Balancing Your State Of Being

coaching personal growth self help Nov 09, 2022

My morning began as most do. I awoke to my sweet dogs, happily made breakfast and then began to check my email. I was blissfuly embracing the day with love. But with one email, my entire energetic mood shifted. It was a message that brought news about a dear friend’s choice of anger over love, fists over forgiveness, hatred over understanding -- and ultimately, rage over his life.

I lost a friend of more than 20 years because anger consumed him and, in those last moments of his life, he could choose nothing else.

As I sat reading the email about Jeremy’s death and the news article that was attached, I couldn’t help but ask why. According to eye witness reports, Jeremy chose to engage in road rage with another driver on an interstate. He actually hit the other driver’s car after the two played cat-and-mouse for several miles. Jeremy then got out of his car and engaged in both verbal and physical altercations with the other individual. By the time police arrived to calm everyone down, Jeremy was so enraged that his body gave out. He had heart failure and died before he made it to the hospital. He was literally consumed by fear, anger, rage, hatred…so much so that his heart couldn't take it.

What caused him to be so upset? According to police reports, the gentleman Jeremy was pursuing passed him and several others going incredibly fast on the freeway.

I am a reasonable person – my estimate is that my friend had much more going on in his life than we could know. And, the situation of the gentleman passing him may have been the final trigger that set Jeremy off. But, as I read through the email and article, I couldn’t help but wonder - what if Jeremy had the tools to pause before reacting to the situation? Breath techniques to calm his physical response down (relieving the endorphins & adrenaline that was coursing through his body) or had some way to step back to observe his choice before he played it out?

Why do we view the tools that are so easy and so effective for reducing stress and anxiety as mystic or seemingly out-of-reach for most?

We have created a society that is stressed to the point that a person can become enraged by another passing them at high speeds on the freeway, so much so that they are willing to allow that rage to take their life. Yet, the simplest techniques to assist our society in relieving this stress – opportunities to calm ourselves and offer ourselves the window to choose love, compassion & understanding over fear, anger & hatred – are not yet accessible enough for everyone to incorporate into daily life.

It is time to break this cycle. It is time to take responsibility for our personal choices. To understand that we have free will and the ability to use tools and techniques to balance our state of stress and anxiety. It’s time to choose another way. It is time to choose love.



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