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Relationship Tip #1

communication love relationships Feb 05, 2021

As we begin this new year, we would like to select some of our most requested topics for coaching and begin to dive into them here on our blog. At the top of this list – Relationship Support.

Joining together with another person, be it romantic or otherwise, offers unique opportunities to observe qualities within ourselves. We may not always see it this way. Often, we allow our focus to travel to what we desire to ‘change’ about our partner. When we do this, we may not take that step back to understand what opportunities exist for us to grow within ourselves.

The fact is, most highly functional and successful relationships are built by two individuals who have little to no desire to change one another. They may not agree with every quality the other chooses to express in each now moment, but changing that quality doesn’t come into discussion. Instead, the couple seeks to understand the quality or simply agrees to disagree and chooses to honor the perspective of one another.

For some reason, many of us have created this notion that when we are in a relationship with someone we have to completely and fully align. That if we don’t share exactly the same values, beliefs, desires, etc. that the other either needs to conform or if not, then we do in order to move forward. Why is this?

Many of the closest friends and happiest couples we have had the honor of meeting with are as different as can be…but they do share one common bond – a deep love and respect for one another. When this exists, all else aligns.

This is our first tip for relationship support. Allow yourself to stop over-complicating relationships in life and build from this beautiful foundation — pure love and mutual respect.



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