I Am Grateful For My Teeth gratitude heart leader self discovery Nov 23, 2022


In my thirties I was alone and depressed. I was in a bad relationship, living and working far away from my children, on the edge of Canada in the Province of Nova Scotia. I isolated myself from anyone who could or would be a friend. Dark nights, crushing...

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Growing Peace 🌼 coaching heart leader personal growth self discovery self help self love Oct 26, 2022

I For One Am Tired of Being Afraid

I’m so tired of being afraid. I’m tired of waiting for the sky to fall, like Chicken Little. I’m tired of waking up anxious about war, shootings, weather patterns or the virus. I’m tired of it and want things to go back to Normal!


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How Can I BE Love? heart leader personal growth self love Oct 19, 2022

“Be Love”  - That statement sounds nice, but it may also sound intangible. How can someone be an emotion?

 But is love an emotion?

When we place love in a single category, such as an emotion, we are limiting its possibilities. Love is an energy.

Yes, that energy can invoke...

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