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What You'll Learn In This Value Packed 1-Hour Training

Whether you're a seasoned coach or just getting started, this training will equip you with the skills and mindset needed to empower both yourself and your clients.

  • Unlock 10 Essential Truths: Discover the key principles that set transformational coaching apart, including the importance of paradigm shifts and empowering clients.

  • Practical Tools & Mindset Shifts: Equip yourself with actionable strategies and the necessary mindset changes for effective coaching, thereby empowering both you and your clients.

  • Free Bonus Gift: Receive a 76 Page PDF crafted to guide you through a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.

  • Exclusive Offer: Attendees will have the opportunity to enroll in our comprehensive Mastering the Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching program.

You're In Good Company

Lisa McClenahan

"I was able to break through some long-held barriers to my next steps.
After working with Rosie, I really did attract more clients and opportunities and was willing to let myself be seen more publicly. I owe much of this transformation to the work I did with Rosie as a client. I would recommend Rosie’s masterful work to anyone who is serious about life change."

Ruby Hernandez, MFT

“What I love about this bootcamp is how Dr. Rosie gives us bite-sized steps and nudges every day, and that makes the process of personal transformation less daunting and more like an exploration. It’s a fun adventure in getting to know myself better!”

Ayesha Malik, Transformational Life Coach

"Dr. Rosie Kuhn is there for us with her Angelic presence and beautiful natural views. I received extraordinary skills to support and empower me
to walk through the force of current of my life and the mist of fog in my brain.
Thank you Rosie for this great help for humanity."

Who Should Attend?

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  • Aspiring Coaches

  • Experienced Coaches

  • Self-Development Enthusiasts

  • Business Leaders interested in People Development

How These 10 Essential Truths Can Elevate Your Coaching Skills

Deepen Client Relationships

Master spiritual and communication techniques that foster trust and soulful connections with your clients.

Holistic Understanding & Targeted Problem-Solving

View your client as a whole person—body, mind, emotion, and spirit—and identify both surface and existential challenges for transformative coaching sessions.

Ethical and Spiritual Practices

Uphold coaching ethics while incorporating spiritual principles to create a respectful and soul-honoring environment.

Mindful Goal Setting

Utilize spiritual wisdom to help your clients set soul-aligned, achievable goals for holistic growth.

Enhanced Listening & Emotional Intelligence

Tune into both verbal and non-verbal cues, while increasing your ability to understand and react to emotions and spiritual needs.

Actionable & Compassionate Feedback

Master the art of giving constructive, actionable feedback that encourages both tangible change and spiritual growth.

Accountability & Self-Reflection

Develop methods to keep your clients accountable in their actions and spiritual practices while continually growing your own self-awareness and spiritual insight as a coach.

Holistic Life-Balance

Provide tools to help your clients achieve a balanced life that harmonizes career, personal growth, relationships, and well-being.

Spiritual and Emotional Resilience

Equip your clients with spiritual and emotional coping strategies for life's challenges, enhancing their overall resilience.

Integrated Coaching for Complete Transformation

Learn to coach to all levels of your client's being, resulting in a truly holistic and transformative experience.

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