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Hi, we're Amber & Austin, and we're dedicated to bringing people together through LOVE.

We invite you to learn more about the Suivera Movement  and together, we can create Community Through Unity!


Our Mission

Suivera’s Mission
 is simple: LOVE.

Through LOVE, we seek to create a meaningful impact on the world...one that unites us in our commonalities. 


Our Vision

Suivera’s Vision
 is to create a movement that encourages individuals and communities to thrive by building and nurturing spaces focused on the education and awareness of the whole person and our contribution to the community, the planet and beyond.

Our goal is to have multiple spaces, both online and in-person, where all feel safe and supported exactly as they are, where they are, while they dive deep into learning, growing and exploring personal growth, development and faith.

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Our Team

Amber Mikesell


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Margarita Ramos

Corporate Secretary/B.O.D. 

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Our Story 

Suivera™ is a term created to be whole, inclusive and balanced. It came into fruition after the founders realized that their personal journeys were the embodiment of seeking to understand self-truth.

In Latin, the root word for ‘truth’ is vera and the word for ‘self’ is sui. Together, Suivera™ is a combination that pulls together one’s awareness of self-truth and understanding of purpose. There is no literal term [Suivera], but it has been known in French slang to mean: I will. (Example: I will [insert here] into my reality)

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Our Approach

At Suivera™, we feel that healthy people and organizations make a healthy community. With that in mind, our goal is to assist individuals as they enhance their daily lives by understanding ways to create a more balanced lifestyle. This, in return, improves the health & wellness of the community, the planet and the universe.


Our goal is to help individuals enhance their daily lives by understanding how to create a more balanced lifestyle. In the daily chaos that can become life, Suivera™ is a safe haven where individuals can acquire practical, easy-to-use tools to reduce stress, navigate challenging situations and view every experience in life as an empowering opportunity for growth and expansion.


We feel that healthier people and organizations create a healthier community. Suivera™ was developed with this at heart, to prepare youth and adults alike to succeed and grow: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our goal is to serve as a platform for people to form a deeper understanding of how individuals can grow more united as a community and build stronger, healthier organizations as a result.


Every choice we make impacts the planet. It is our responsibility to be aware of our choices and consciously make decisions that have the power to both positively affect us as individuals and serve as examples to others. When we maximize individual wellness, the result can maximize collective wellness on a local, national, and planetary scale. Suivera™ focuses on 4 Pillars to guide our planetary efforts. These include: Spirituality, Sustainability, Awareness & Guidance (see 'Our Process For Change' below).


Suivera™ recognizes that we are all connected at every level.  Because of this, we have more of an impact than we may realize. Just as something on one side of Earth can affect another on the other side, we feel strongly it is the same within the structure of this universe and beyond. Utilizing the philosophy of “As Above – So Below,” we believe whole-heartedly that humankind has a responsibility as individuals, as communities and as a planet to honor and respect each other and all living beings through our actions based in Unconditional Love and Oneness.

Our Process For Change

At Suivera™, we view all things from the smallest to the largest component, identifying where they meet and interact. We structure our mission, our approach and our services to enhance this interaction and consciously create the best possible life experience. We believe it’s imperative to create an organization that understands that no two individuals are exactly alike. We honor this by developing supportive and empowering programs centered in gratitude, mutual trust and unconditional love.

Suivera™ views this process as a means to bring our world together – one person, one community, one nation at a time – healing, learning and loving through each step.


As a Nonprofit Multi-Faith Spiritual Institute, Suivera™ has created a unique practice that, when used on its own or combined with other faiths, has the ability to deepen the union between body, mind and spirit.

Additionally, we recognize the value and opportunity of sharing and gaining insight from all areas of spiritual beliefs and practices. Our goal is to learn from one another, finding how we are similar and growing from the ways in which we differ – forming a safe space for all, centered in non-judgment and unconditional love.


Sustainability starts with the individual. Each of us has the power of change through our gift of free will. The more each of us recognizes this gift and empowers ourselves by choosing to lead a more balanced lifestyle, the more we grow sustainable as a community, as a country and eventually, as a world.

All it takes is education and awareness, the desire for change and the power of choice. 


We are dedicated to providing various forms of education through multiple platforms in a variety of subjects ranging from Multi-Faith Awareness and Health & Wellness to Communication and Self-Love.

In addition, Suivera™ serves to bridge the distance between science and spirituality. This includes connecting scientific principles found in physics with spiritual principles found across multiple faiths. Suivera™ desires to reflect that we are not as far apart as we might perceive.


Understanding that life creates unique circumstances for each of us to grow, our team at Suivera™ has certified coaches and ministry to guide our members through these opportunities with services that include: Spiritual, Life and Health.

Our personalized coaching approach is focused on guiding and empowering the individual – using checkpoints along the way. Together, the Guide and member build short, mid and long-term goals, and establish actionable steps and skills to navigate the journey to personal success.

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