How Does Your Gift Change Lives?


Utilizing love as the common language, Suivera community members are committed to a healthy sense of self-love and self-care, which provides them with the strength to be the light for others.


As love begins to build within each individual, it serves as a powerful foundation to build healthy, loving relationships with family and friends.


Through the power of love, the impact continues → as each person and family grows healthier and more founded in love, this energy ripples out into our communities, our planet and our universe.

Ways To Give

With your help, we will continue our global movement of LOVE.
Choose from the options below to make an impact through your gift today.

Give Once
Become A Heart Leader Sponsor
Stock Donations

Donation Example: $40 could provide proven self-care practices to a woman in Nigeria looking to learn how to manage the intense daily stresses of life and reconnect with her heart to build confidence.

From self-love, to building stronger relationships with family and friends through love, to witnessing how these connections with self and others build the foundation for healthier communities - Suivera is there to help each individual as we embark upon this worldwide movement of love. 

It all begins with YOU and ME and US.
Join the Suivera Movement and commit to focusing on LOVE.

Give Once

With your help, we will continue to grow our global movement of LOVE.
Click the button below and choose from the donation options in order to make an impact through your gift today.

Stock Donations

Save on your taxes by giving smarter.
Give the gift of appreciated assets today.


Many individuals prefer to make gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or exchange traded funds because it can have a large impact on our mission–while maximizing potential tax benefits by avoiding paying tax on capital gains.

If you would like to transfer your appreciated stocks online, you can use our online tool to walk you through the process in less than 5 minutes. Or, if you would prefer to work directly with your broker, follow the instructions on the tool to access our account information. Save on taxes by giving smarter today! Your donation will bring more love and unity around the world.

If you're interested in this option, feel free to email us directly at [email protected] and we will connect you with our team at Merrill Lynch. 

All Over The World, We Are Connecting And Uniting People Through Love. Our Community Includes Over 1,000,000 People In 83 Countries And Growing!

Fund A Proven Solution

Be A Heart Leader

We believe that each person who chooses to be loving to themselves and others is someone who changes the world. We call these individuals Heart Leaders.

Heart Leaders are a reflection of love, inclusion and compassion in their community - creating a ripple effect of the same.

Help us build out our Heart Leader Training Programs for people around the world who are seeking to be leaders in their communities. 

Free Resources

In order to support those who have and continue to join our global movement of love, we are dedicated to providing tons of great FREE CONTENT for Self-Love, Personal Growth, Health & Wellness Programs, Spirituality and more!

We consistently get hundreds of thousands of views per month on our weekly educational videos - help us continue to assist people around the world with quality education on body, mind, emotion and spirit.