We Believe In The Power of Love to Heal and Unite ALL Humanity.

Our mission is to reawaken the heart of humanity and remind people of the innate goodness that exists within us all. We strive to create a world where love is the common language between all people, transcending all boundaries and bringing us together in harmony.

We seek to inspire people to live a life of compassion, kindness, and respect for all living beings. Our teachings emphasize the importance of self-reflection and personal growth, as we believe that the journey to becoming a better person starts within.

As a community, we value inclusivity and diversity, celebrating the unique experiences and perspectives that each individual brings. We aim to create a safe and supportive space for all, where everyone can feel seen, heard, and valued.

Through our collective efforts, we hope to create a more loving and peaceful world, where all people can thrive and live in harmony with each other and the natural world.

Suivera's Creed

Suivera’s creed is created to share forms of worship that provide options for those who have not yet connected with one (or many) of the beautiful faiths available around the world or it may be incorporated into an existing faith-based practice.

Creed Details

  • I allow for the potential that there is a Source that flows through all things

  • I allow for the potential that this Source is comprised of unconditional love

  • I allow for the potential that there are multiple paths to grow and ascend throughout life and throughout the universe

  • I allow for the potential that Source empowers all conscious, living beings with free will and I choose to honor this gift

  • I allow for the potential that consciousness is eternal, including my own

  • I allow for the potential that the choices made in every moment impact and influence the whole of creation, including my own experience

Forms of Worship

  • Meditation/prayer to promote self-awareness and exploration of the components of the creed as listed above

  • Group gatherings

  • Honoring of unconditional love and mutual respect

  • Acts of care for self and community

  • Mindfully honoring the divinity in all things

  • Expanding and exploring knowledge of self and all things

  • Honoring the body as the vehicle for the soul

Code Of Doctrine

  • To honor and recognize Source within all things, including self

  • To be a reflection of love in all actions

  • To honor all paths that lead to growth

  • To honor the free will that has been gifted to all living things

  • To be mindful of and responsible for each choice made