Heart Leader


Where Heart & Mind Align

The new evolution of leadership is focused on using more than intellect; it’s about embracing heart and compassion to affect change on an individual, collective and global scale.

One person can make an impact through the power of Love.

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Each Weekly Episode Brings Heart-Centered Connection...Building Stronger Relationships, Communities And Businesses 

Heart Leaders are those in our community who have chosen to lead with love, inclusion and compassion, combining this with intellect and thought leadership to build a brighter future for our world.

The Heart Leader Podcast
provides a platform where leaders of industry and community can take a deeper dive into what it means to be a Heart Leader™.

It serves as a medium to share ideas, approaches, tools, techniques and inspiration for leaders of today and tomorrow.

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Meet The Heart Leaders Behind The Podcast...

Amber Mikesell

Host & Founder of Suivera 

Amber Mikesell is a leader in the field of human transformation, receiving international recognition as a Master Life & Health Coach. Her approach begins with self-love as the foundation, allowing that love to build from within and radiate out to the world.

Tune in weekly with Amber as your host 💞

Austin Uhl

Co-Host & Founder of Suivera

Helping others discover their true selves is Austin’s passion. Bridging the gap and embodying compassion and intellect is what drives him. Austin’s kind and friendly approach is there to support you on your journey to heart-centered self-discovery.

Catch Austin in the first episode of each month to introduce that month's theme 😊

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What Are The Benefits Of Being A Heart Leader?

Create purposeful opportunities with commitment and passion for a greater global impact

✅ Inspire a sense of heartfelt connection, motivation and participation from employees, teams and community members

✅ Initiate a creative and innovative environment, leading to expansive thinking and idea generation

✅ Heart-centered focus provides calm when things go wrong, allowing this calm to provide space for clarity of thoughts and response

✅ Build communities and cultures of inclusion, as well as highly profitable corporations that benefit the person and the planet

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